Qualcomm Bring Augmented Reality Platform

Qualcomm announced a commercial platform for Augmented Reality Android smartphone.

Through its network of online development of Qualcomm, the launch of this 1.0 beta marks the success of its predecessor program owned by Qualcomm. Developers can now create, sell and distribute a commercial application based Qualcomm AR platform.

AR is a superior platform Qualcomm will provide so many experiences that entertain, engage and inform the user will be a new form of interactive media.

Feature-rich is designed for developers to build a good performance, feel the quality of 3D images interactively, such as those used in the print media (books, magazines, brochures, tickets, symbols) and also on product packaging.

This platform supports the development of a diverse environment. AR Qualcomm Android Android SDK supports local developers using the chain of equipment, including the Android SDK and NDK.

Qualcomm AR Unity Extension supports rapid development with the equipment Unity 3 game development. The web application also dihadirkkan to create and manage sources of images that can be used with the development of the surrounding environment.

Industry-leading performance advantage is achieved through innovation Qualcomm computer algorithms that are reliable and also tight integration between hardware and software.

The effect of this performance is a very capable user experience where the graphics look so real content with the original background. While applications built on this platform will work on all Android phones with operating systems 2.1 or latest, optimum performance can be generated by mobile phones that use Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipsets.

"Qualcomm has a long history of producing cutting-edge technology that can encourage innovation and new opportunities for mobile ecosystem" said Jay Wirght, Senior Director of Business Development of Qualcomm, as reported through its official statement on Wednesday (05/18/2011).

"We continue this tradition by making the technology more advanced AR widely available to developers for commercial purposes. With more than 6,000 developers are registered, we impatiently await the latest generation of AR applications to be available soon on the Android application market and other outlets, "

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