Phone Prototype With Screen Bending

Later, flexible screens, flexible like paper so may be used in electronic devices not only for the computer screen, a tablet, but can also for mobile phones and smartphones. Flexible display technology for mobile phones being developed Human Media Lab (HML), a laboratory multidisplin science at Queen's University in Canada.

The researchers at the HML has made a prototype cell phone called the flexible sail PaperPhone flexible and given the name iPhone. These devices like smartphones can store contacts names, play music, and making phone calls. The screen is 9.5 inches using e-Ink.

HML trying to develop navigation technology that empowers customs. In the prototype, the researchers HML do commands to the menus on the mobile screen is not touch-screen technology but with a bent-tip nekuk screen. They design the hardware and software sensors to recognize changes in the form of a bent screen.

"This is the future. Everything will look and feel like this in the next five years," said Roel Vertegaal, director of HML who create these technologies on its website. He will show off prototypes at the conference Human Computer Interaction or CHI 2011, held in Vancouver, Canada, May 10, 2011

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