Obesity Reduce Sexual Satisfaction

Extra-plump-bodied aka obesity is not just more prone to disease but can also reduce sexual satisfaction. Research shows that obese people, especially women, feel bland sex life.

Researchers from Duke University studied 91 obese men and 134 obese women who fill out questionnaires about their sexual function. The list of questions includes passion, libido, interest, orgasm, satisfaction, habit, relationship with a partner, masturbation and sexual problems.

"We found sexual satisfaction and sexual quality of the obese women is lower than the men. But in general people who are obese have a lower quality of sex life," said Dr.Truls Ostbye, professor of the department of communication and family, who conducted the research.

The researchers also compared the results of a survey group that heavy fat people with cancer survivors and people from the general group.

As a result, obese women who still have a low value of sexual satisfaction than other groups. Meanwhile, obese men who have sexual satisfaction among a group of cancer survivors and the general population.

"These survey results add to evidence that obesity is closely associated with decreased sexual function and quality of sex, both men and women," Ostbye said the research results published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy.

Sexual problems experienced by the XL is partly due to poor blood flow due to obesity. Not only in men, but also women. Research shows encouragement and obese female sexual desire is influenced by poor blood flow, particularly those toward vital organs.

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