Nokia Will Buy Microsoft ?

News about the possibility of division bought mobile / cell phone Nokia by Microsoft to spread on the internet since last few days. Eldar Murtazin, a blogger who had berkasus with Nokia, re-create sensational news because, according to sources in which he gained Nokia, Nokia will soon be bought by Microsoft in the coming days.

Murtazin reports Nokia will begin negotiations to sell their phone unit to Microsoft in this week. Murtazin said the two companies want to close the deal by the end of 2011 and they are in haste to quickly finalize the deal.

The news of this spread quickly Murtazin. Murtazin questioned this claim as Nokia and Microsoft recently agreed on using the Windows Phone for the latest Nokia smartphones. Moreover, the agreement only a few months. In addition, Nokia mobile phone division is the largest revenue contributor to Nokia for this. Nearly 66 percent of revenue derived from Nokia this division so that if the division is sold, Nokia will provide for losses.

But this news can not be left just as famous for its accuracy Murtazin news they provide, including when he said that there are Symbian ^ 3 on the Nokia N8 almost the same with Symbian series before. reported as he obtained from Murtazin that negotiations will begin next week and results will not directly observable by the public. If both companies agree, this will be completed by the end of 2011.

Actually, if this news is true it is not surprising since Nokia was founded in the 1800s as a paper company and moved the core business several times before developing the first mobile phone that changes direction with their mobile phone division would sell in line with the legacy of this company.

This news immediately responded by Nokia spokesman, Mark Squires by tweet on Twitter and say, "We typically do not comment on rumors. But We have to say That Eldar's rumors are obviously getting less accurate with every passing moment."

Rumors are dihemburkan Murtazin may be just a rumor because Nokia market value of not less than 32 billion U.S. dollars, a very large number of course. However, there is always a good reason to support the truth of this rumor. Moreover, Nokia is the former CEO of Microsoft.

As is well known, Microsoft has a Windows Phone as a mobile phone operating system and is already quite long. Yet somehow this operating system does not seem to get reception in the market. Eldar Murtazin himself said that Microsoft's operating system is already failing.

Microsoft is also working with several vendors such as HTC cell phone but license revenue earned from such cooperation is very small, perhaps only 15 U.S. dollars per phone. Revenue amounted to was too small to enterprise class Microosoft. Now, if Microsoft can buy Nokia and integrating software with hardware as well as that conducted by Apple Inc. of course, Microsoft will gain quite a bit of revenue from this business. This is what may encourage Microsoft to buy a Nokia, do not just enough to give WP a license to use Nokia. By having all of them (Nokia) Microaoft could expect increased sales and profits of course.

Looking at the track record Murtazin because once berkasus with Nokia, this could be considered offensive to many times from Murtazin against Nokia. However, many people who believe in the information provided by Murtazin so the news will be bought Nokia by Microsoft could be a truth in some time to come.

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