​Nokia Sell mobile phone division to Microsoft ?

Nokia allegedly would bring its cooperation with Microsoft to a new level by selling the handset division to technology companies from the United States. Could it be?

At least that's speculation that exhaled a blogger from Russia, known as the observer Nokia, Eldar Murtazin. According Murtazin, Nokia will begin negotiations to Microsoft's mobile phone unit sales next week.

Agreement to sell it, complete with the agreement of financial problems, are expected to be announced late 2011. Similarly Murtazin opinion as quoted Cellular News, on Tuesday (17/05/2011).

Actually, the issues surrounding the sale of units of Nokia to Microsoft has been heard since the company was putting a former Microsoft executive, Stephen Elop, replacing Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, September 2010. Coupled with Nokia's decision to replace the Symbian platform with a Windows Phone to a series of smart phone products.

Although still a speculation, predictions related Murtazin Nokia for this policy often proved true. Last year he also stated that Nokia will 'throw' the Symbian operating system to switch to Windows Phone. Prediction Murtazin that Nokia is ready to bare all in its product name Ovi becomes reality.

Still, many observers doubted technology analisannya this time. Because the division of Nokia mobile phones into life by contributing 68 percent of all corporate income. This means that Nokia will lose a lot of money if you sell this division.

Nokia itself has released a statement about the prediction Murtazin through his spokesman, Mark Squires. "Normally we do not want to comment on rumors. But, we must say that more and more Eldar statement is inaccurate," he said.

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