Nokia Has Uninstall all Ovi Name

After announcing plans to close Ovi Music Unlimited service early last year, Nokia finally really going to release the brand Ovi and replace all the popular software product by the name of Nokia Services.

All service brands, such as Ovi Store and Ovi Maps, will begin to change its name by July, and continued until 2012. However, Nokia does not provide details of which countries will get the 'honor' enjoy the services of Nokia Services for the first time.

This decision no longer seems surprising analysts predict the technology that has since Nokia decided together with Microsoft to release phones based on Windows 7. After deciding to release the brand Ovi, which means that Nokia does not have to bother marketing the two devices at once under the brands of Nokia and Ovi.

"We have taken the decision to change the branding of our services from Ovi to Nokia," Nokia said EVP and Chief Marketing Officer Jerri DeVard Engadget quoted as saying on Monday (5/16/2011).

"By concentrating our services in a single identity of the brand, rather than two, we will improve the branding of Nokia as well as uniting the two major brands while continuing to provide excellent opportunities and experiences to the partners and customers," added DeVard.

In addition, DeVard also insisted that he wanted to make sure users get the best service from the Nokia brand, and eliminate any differentiation that could confuse consumers.

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