Launching Angry Birds to WP7 Was Delayed

Users of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) may be somewhat disappointed because the launch games Angry Birds for platforms they use, delayed its release.

Previous Angry Birds to WP7 is scheduled to be launched on 25 May, but eventually the game will be launched on 29 June as part of the program 'Must Have Games' from Microsoft for Xbox Live. Similarly, as quoted from Thinq, Thursday (19/05/2011).

In the program there will be some games that launched the series include Hydro Thunder Go (4, 99), Doodle Jump (USD2, 99), as well as several other kinds of games vs. Plants. Zombies and the Angry Birds.

Microsoft says that the delay Parties Angry Birds intended for the game can get into the programs 'Must Have Games'.

Differences Angry Birds to WP7 with IOS version is the only game contains 195 levels. While Angry Birds to IOS there were 240 level, then the price is only for 99 cents.

Analysts expect Angry Birds to be launched for the WP7 is increased and decreased the price level.

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