Keira Knightley Sexy Pictures With Romantic Dress

Romantic definition can indeed diverse. It may be that every person has a different definition of this same word. But have you ever imagine that the uncertainty could be something romantic? Probably not. Whatever your answer, which obviously is something romantic uncertainty created beautiful actress Keira Knightley.

Keira is currently involved in the production of a stage drama titled THE CHILDREN'S HOUR is staged at the West End. Commenting on a matter of this stage drama, Keira said, "I do not like a safe option. I like something that had a 50-50 chance I could have been a total failure." From the probability of failure is apparently Keira get a pleasure.

"I like the magic that occurs when a sudden success and people loved it, but the magic will only appear if there is the possibility of failure," he explained again as reported by Splash News. "I regard it as something romantic, funny but romantic," he added. Could it be because he also refused to play in the continuing series of Pirates of the Caribbean. This film is clearly going to achieve success and therefore Keira no longer consider it fun.

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