How to arrange Thin Hair for more volume

Without the salon, she could do her own hair to look more attractive. You can still look beautiful even though no time or budget more for styling your hair in the salon. Especially for hair volume, just follow the steps below.

Hair volume, or swell much preferred, especially by women who have thin hair. With the hair volume, the appearance looks fresh. Hair style is properly used for formal occasions, such as a party or a formal meeting with the relatives.

Equipment needed:
* Hair dryer.
* Velcro rollers (large hair rollers).
* Hair spray.
* Comb sasak (toothed meeting).

* When I was half-dry, roll hair with velcro.
* Spray a little hair spray on the hair being rolled up.
* Remove the roll of hair, then dry with a hair dryer.
* Take the side of the hair by using toothed comb and sasak meeting at the base as much as you need.
* Tidy up and spray with hair spray.

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