Google Empower Mega Project "Clean Energy"

The company's biggest search engine in the world today, Google invested in a number of giant projects generating green energy. What does Google with mega projects that clean energy?

In the United States today some IT companies such as Yahoo, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Akamai is a huge energy suck. Just imagine, every company is to serve millions of users must have thousands of data centers spread across various regions. How much electricity is needed?

Environmental organization Greenpeace routinely monitor the energy use of each company's technology. Until recently, most used energy source is coal, so this is bad for the earth. Data is the latest release of Greenpeace said that the company Steve Jobs, Apple, a company "dirtiest" because it relies on coal to generate energy for their data centers. While Yahoo! is the cleanest company. Then where the position of Google?

Although not the cleanest, Google demonstrated their commitment in providing clean and renewable energy. No half-hearted now Google has released a fund of 350 million U.S. dollars for clean energy projects them. This fund is the largest ever issued by the IT companies to develop clean energy and renewable energy. There are seven mega projects prepared by Google's Clean Energy.

1. Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System

On April 11, 2011, then, Google officially announced on their investment of 168 million U.S. dollars in solar energy in California's Mojave desert. Google's Green Business Operations to agree on new investments worth 168 million U.S. dollars with BrightSource Energy to build a new solar electric energy and is being developed by BrightSource Energy in the Mojave Desert in California. According to the official Google blog, Brightsource's Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS) will produce as much energy as 370 megawatts of clean solar energy. This amount is equivalent to release over 90,000 cars off the road during the life of the project is projected to more than 25 years.

2. Caithness Shepherds Flat Wind Farm

This is the largest wind energy project in the world. Google mengivestasikan $ 100 million U.S. dollars in this project which was promulgated on April 18, 2011. This project built in windy areas in Oregon and is planned to be completed in 2012. The project is expected to generate 845 MW of clean energy sourced from wind that will be able to illuminate at least 235,000 homes. The project is interesting not only because of the size and scale of the largest, but also in advanced technologies applied in this project Wind Farm.

3. Offshore Wind superhighway

Google's total investment in this project are unknown, but estimated at least more millions of U.S. dollars. The project is still associated with the utilization of wind energy, but was off the coast. The possibility of clean energy produced in this project is 6,000 MW which is equivalent to 60% of total wind energy is used in the U.S.. The project will be able to serve at least 1.9 million households.

4. NextEra Wind Energy Resources Project

In May of 2010 ago Google officially has spent 38.8 million dollars in the project NextEra Energy. Energy sources are still the same, namely the wind and is expected to generate 169.5 MW of energy and can illuminate at least 55,000 households. Project site is located in a wind-rich areas in North Dakota. This effort is the next project from Google in the reduction of fossil energy.

5. 20 Years of Energy Purchase Agreement with Energy NextEra

Google has agreed a deal to purchase renewable energy generated from wind sources by NextEra Energy. The amount of renewable energy are also produced by this wind is 114 MW. With a very long contract agreement Google helps companies wind energy producer in terms of development and finance to develop renewable energy. The agreement is then updated again, that in July 2010, Google re-buy 100.8 megawatts of clean energy from NextEra Energy produced by other wind energy projects by NextEra Energy. The location of this new project in Oklahoma

6. Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy somewhat less well known compared with wind energy projects have been the focus of Google. However, Google does not hesitate to invest 10 million U.S. dollars more for a geothermal project in October 2010 that then. In such investment is 481,500 U.S. dollars grant for Southern Methodist University to see the potential of geothermal energy in the vicinity of West Virginia. And in fact the money was paid for in West Virginia there are a lot of potential for geothermal.

In West Virginia alone there are currently coal power plants that generate energy for 16,350 MW. However, if the area of ​​geothermal energy was recovered by 2%, will be able to produce clean energy for 18,890 MW.

7. Germany Solar Power Plant

Besides the U.S., Google is also investing in Germany with 3.5 million euros spent to build a solar energy project that will generate electrical energy at least 18.7 MW. The project is located near the city of Berlin and was recorded as the largest solar energy projects in Germany and will be able to illuminate at least 5,000 households.

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