The entire edition of Playboy are Online now

Fans of adult magazine Playboy was smiling broadly. That's after Playboy launched a web-based subscription service that allows customers to enjoy each page of a magazine, from the first edition 57 years ago to the most recent. site is expected to attract more 'readers' of baby boomers (those born after World War II - red) atay even their parents, who may still remember the artists of that era, or reading re-interviews with the late John Lennon (The Beatles) and Dr. Martin Luther King.

"With this service, the reader does not need to save the 682 edition of Playboy 57 years ago under their beds," says Jimmy Jellinek as Chief Content Officer as reported by Yahoo News, Friday (05/20/2011).

The launch of this service is one way Playboy overcome their sales decline significantly from 3.15 million in 2006 to 1.5 million today. Previously, Playboy also has deployed a variety of gimmick to attract readers. One of them with 3D glasses included in one edition to be able to view certain content better.

Jellinek optimistic $ 8 per month service $ 60 per year or is able to attract many people. Moreover, this site allows customers to think back to early editions of the popular adult magazine. However, he nonetheless did not expect this service will boost revenue significantly Playboy. Jellinek claims the launch of this service to the reader more of a particular experiment with the advanced elements of nostalgia.

"We do not intend to get readers in large numbers and move the company's remarkable," he said.

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