Determinants of Business Success Culinary

Proved still rule the culinary business market, and is still the main choice entrerpeneur beginners. Recently, the Women's Entrepreneurial Competition BNI-Femina 2010/2011 period, also won by the culinary business.

If you are interested in trying the business in the culinary field, you should first understand the five factors that determine the success of the food business.

1. Quality of food
This deals with flavors and food ingredients. In addition to delicious, you want to serve food must also be safe to eat for health.

2. Place
In addition to strategic, you need to consider the intended target consumer.

3. Perception
This deals with the symbols or characteristics that are used in exterior and interior, food packaging, and service to consumers. This method will help people remember and come back.

4. Promotions
Besides via the Internet, brochures, billboards, there is another way of promotion is more telling. Promotion of mouth is more apt attractive market. Therefore, businesses need to maintain the culinary quality of the food and service. Society tends to believe the quality that is recognized by its customers.

5. Standard Operational Procedure (SOP)
SOP includes the factors of service, menu and presentation. Should these three factors are adjusted to the prevailing standard.

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