Coconut Green as Bidder Poison

Maternity Bertha Andie (30), employee drug factory, two years ago smoothly without any problems. Children who were born white, clean. By birth, Bertha regularly drank a glass of green coconut water every day.

Diligent drink green coconut water, so the advice parents to their children before birth. In addition to the current process, any child born will be clean as experienced by Bertha. However, not only before birth Bertha drink green coconut water. Of her husband, who happened to be a healer he knew, to cope with heat illness, she drank two glasses of green coconut water.

Similarly, Merry (28), private employee. When he was a fever because his teeth are hollow so inflamed gums become swollen, Marry will burn green coconut shell. This recipe is learned from Sinse David Sungahanda from Lotus Clinic, West Jakarta. According to him, when burned, at the edge of the coals will be out of oil. Oil is taken with cotton rolls and rolls of cotton that he put into the hole toothache. As a result, Mary no longer has a fever and gingivitis.

Johan (35), computer dealers in the area of ​​Glodok, West Jakarta, also take advantage of green coconut water when experiencing constipation and poisoning bacteria Clostridium botulinum (causes diarrhea) derived from food cans. A green coconut palms, including the type commonly grows on the beach.

According to the book Sudarman Mardisiswojo Cabe Puyang Heritage Ancestors, who have tribes palmae green coconut is trunked slim straight, reaching 10-14 meters high. Leaves berpelepah or even with the long-finned reach 2-3 feet with a stick fins that underpin each helaiannya. The fruit is covered with fibers and shells are strong enough so as to obtain the fruit must be peeled first.

High Calorie

Described by Hieronymus Budi Santoso, the author of books appropriate technology from Yogyakarta, green coconut water contains tannins or antidotum (antitoxin) is high. Content of chemical substances that stand out in the form of enzymes that can break down toxic properties.

Dr SKM Batunahal Gultom, lecturer in the Faculty of Public Health University of Indonesia, suggesting the bacteria Clostridium botulinum poisoning patients, Clostridium perfringens, Staphylococcus, and Bacillus cereus consume a young green coconut water.

After 4-5 hours drinking coconut water, Batunahal advised patients taking cathartic. The next step, patients are taking back a green coconut water. If the condition is severe, he suggested the patient was taken to a clinic or hospital for intensive treatment and an injection of antitoxin serum.

Sudarman added, green coconut water, especially the young fruit, containing glucose, sakarosa, fructose, sucrose minerals, and amino acids, enzymes, proteins, potassium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, vitamin A, B1, and C. Containing glyceride oil containing lauric acid, miristinat acid, oleic acid, capric acid, caprylic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, and acid kaproat.

The old fruit contain high calories, amounting to 359 calories per 100 grams, half dark green coconut meat 180 calories per 100 grams, and a young green coconut meat calories by 68 calories per 100 grams. Average calorific value contained in green coconut water ranges from 17 calories per 100 grams. Water content found in green coconut fruit from a number of 95.5 grams per 100 grams.

Public Benefits

According to Hieronymus Budi Santoso, there are various properties of the resulting plants are also called these roofs:

1. Nutritious green coconut water detoxifying, reducing body heat, and treat diarrhea due to increase in body fluids and minerals.

2. Green coconut meat to malnutrition because the drug has efficacy increase appetite.

Different ways to use

Following this coconut mixture to overcome: 1. Food poisoning. Ingredients: 1 green coconuts. How to use: Punch a hole through the tip, drink the water until they run out.

2. Heat deep. Ingredients: 1 whole green coconuts and 1 raw chicken egg. Method: Coconut fruit perforated tip, chicken egg is still raw, white part removed and the skin, then inserted into the coconut fruit. How to use: drink in the afternoon after being stirred / shaken.

3. Heat. Ingredients: 1 cup young coconut water and 1 tablespoon of honey. Method: The two ingredients are mixed and stirred until smooth. How to use: For adults: drink 2 times a day, morning and afternoon. For children under five: drink 2 times a day, each 1 / 2 cup.

4. Dengue fever. Ingredients: 1 whole coconut and 1 whole lemon. Method: Coconut fruit perforated edges, squeezed lime. Water squeezed lime incorporated into the coconut fruit. Stir until evenly distributed. How to use: Drink 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.

5. Bladder stones. Ingredients: 1 whole green coconuts and 1 raw chicken egg. Method: Coconut fruit perforated tip, chicken egg is still raw, broken and discarded and the whites of his skin, then inserted into the coconut fruit. How to use: Drink 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.

6. Sick time of menstruation. Ingredients: 1 cup water and 1 piece green coconut palm sugar. Method: The two ingredients are mixed and stirred until uniform. How to use: Drink 1 cup 2 times a day, morning and afternoon, for 3 consecutive days.

7. Influenza. Ingredients 1 / 4 grain kencur coconuts and a piece of your thumb. How to make: Fruit and kencur grated coconut. Both ingredients are evenly mixed, add 1 cup cooking water. Squeeze, take the water. How to use: Drink 1 times a day.

8. Morbili. Ingredients: 2 pieces of dried coconut leaves, 1 / 2 handheld korokot leaves, 1 / 2 rhizome dringo bengle, half handheld banana leaf china, fennel pulawaras taste. Method: All the ingredients are pounded together until smooth. How to use: Used as a powder for the entire body.

9. Pinworms. Ingredients: 1 / 4 grain of coconuts and 1 carrot. Method: Coconut fruit and shredded carrots. These two ingredients are mixed, add 1 cup water. Squeeze, strain the water. How to use: drink at night before bed.

10. Cavities. Materials: Shell (shell). Method: coconut shells and oil are burned out on the edge of the fire were taken with a rolled-up cotton for cavities. How to use: Put in the hole toothache.

11. Uban. Ingredients: 1 / 2 grain old coconut fruit, coconut water itself. Method: The fruit of coconut grated and squeezed with coconut milk coconut milk itself to be taken. Give salt to taste, stirring until smooth, then condensed out of the house last night. How to use: Most of the coconut milk is used to massage the scalp is gray, leave 10-15 minutes. Some are used to wash it regularly 3 days.

12. Dandruff. Ingredients: 1 / 2 old coconuts grains, 1.5 cups coconut milk, and 1 / 4 pineapple fruit. How to make: Fruit grated coconut and pineapple to take water. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, then strain. How to use: Use to wash it all 5 days.

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