Angry Birds Translucent 200 Million Times Download

The birds were increasingly distant petulant air. According to data released Rovio as pembesutnya, Angry Birds already exceeded 200 million times the download.

Obviously, for the size of mobile applications, accomplishments achieved by a simple yet interesting game is far beyond his predecessors.

Angry Birds hegemony was extended to the online version via Google Chrome. Where less than a week were recorded about 6 million times the download games are in the game use this catapult to fly the ill-tempered birds.

Rovio is continue to spread the wings Angry Birds. Now the game is already present in almost all platforms, ranging from Android, IOS, PlayStation, Xbox Live, Symbian. Immediately following is a version of Windows 7 Phone and BlackBerry Playbook.

Rovio's flagship game now has three versions: Angry Birds (original), Angry Birds Seasons, and most recently the Angry Birds Rio.

Quoted from CNET News on Tuesday (24/05/2011), the original version was so pemuncak Angry Birds in the iTunes Store in 2010. Flap success as though it was now continued by his successors.

Early Birds Angry development itself only takes approximately USD 140 thousand, but now the game is already reaping the benefits of more than USD 70 million. No wonder if observers dub this game as one of the most profitable game in history.

Angry Birds first developed by Rovio to IOS in December 2009. However since the version released for Android and other platforms, this game became such a phenomenon.

Although many other games that managed to reap millions of dollars, but analysts said that Angry Birds become one of the game with the largest income. This is when seen from the cost of production is small.

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