AIM and Gmail Chat Converge In 'Red Envelope'

AOL and Google renew their partnership. Users are now able to chat via AIM account with Gmail Chat in the 'red envelope'.

Gmail users previously had indeed been able to access your account via Google Talk AIM since 2007. Unfortunately at that time, AIM can not do chat to the Google account directly.

In his blog which quoted on Friday (20/05/2011), Google has announced that both companies make further cooperation, so that AIM account can be used to chat to Google, or vice versa.

AIM users can make sending messages to Google Talk, Gmail, iGoogle, Orkut Gtalk client or any of the 'Red Envelope'is. Of course this can also be done via phone Android.

Although this change is not much, but the expected extraordinary impact on both companies. as is known, AOL and Google already has about 10 million users of instant messaging today.

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