9 Ways dampen desire of Snacking

Excessive snacking can be triggered by many things. Starting from low blood sugar levels, stress, until the other emotional problems.

Here are the steps to stop the cravings.

1. Do not miss meals

Eat three meals a day and two meals snack on a regular basis. Keep the distance between each meal and snack no more than five hours. This is useful to maintain a stable blood sugar levels and prevent you from severe hunger. Low blood sugar levels and hunger is a dangerous combination that causes you to overeat.

2. Balanced nutritional diet

Keep the content of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in each big meal and snack. For example, when used to eat apples as a snack, add a piece of bread wheat and low-fat cheese.

3. Make a diary

The book records of the daily diet it will detect your diet. For example, maybe you've always wanted to snack every afternoon after at 15:00. This may mean you need a snack that enough for the afternoon. It could also mean that your lunch is not enough nutrients to supply the demand. Perhaps this also means you are very stressed out that it took a short break.

4. Avoid low-calorie diet

Diets that are less than 1,200 calories per day will cause cravings because it is basically low-calorie diets lead to starvation. Research shows that people with low-calorie diets often experience cravings and day-to-day life is filled with food. If you are not sure of the exact calorie needs for you, consult your doctor nutritionist.

5. Do not forget the complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains contain fiber which helps keep blood sugar levels stable. Low blood sugar levels have been mentioned causes cravings arise.

6. Clean environment

Avoid trigger cravings in your home or office if possible. It is certainly hard to resist chocolate or potato chips, if both these delicious foods are all around us. The less temptation around, the better.

7. Do not be too rigid

Keep enjoying dessert and snack favorite. If you really stop to eat good food, you actually obsessed continue. And when "defense" broken-down, you'll eat too much.

8. Icip-icip little

Allow yourself a little taste of good food like chocolate that desirable. If you want to eat more, search for low-calorie chocolate.

9. Find a distraction

When cravings come, wait for 15 minutes before actually eating. Try doing something else, like take a walk outside for a moment or chatting with colleagues. Sometimes divert attention for five minutes just enough to ward off the desire for fun snacking.

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