Fessy Alwi is a regular Metro Newspresenter from appearing on the program Your Voice and Metro Siang. Earlier in antv Newspresenter Fessy is, in antv Fessy event ever to hold all the regular news topics ranging from Morning, Noon Topic, Topic Evening, Night, and also to the topic never hosted dialogues Topics Kita.

Women who are ready smile joined Metro TV in October 2008 and the early appearance was on Headline News at 19:00 as the reporter who covered the Supreme Court precisely on October 31, 2008 and the beginning appeared as Newspresenter to bring the program News Flash.

Fessy Alwi was born in Malang on July 18, 1980 with the full name Fessy Farizqoh Alwi Assegaf. 601 took off at elementary school in Surabaya, SMP 1 Surabaya, and SMU 9 Surabaya. He graduated from S1 in the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University, Surabaya. S2 then completed his Masters in Management at the Notary at the University of Indonesia, Jakarta. And now Fessy has been married to Taufik Basari, an advocate, human rights activist, and founder of the Community Legal Aid Institute.

Fessy Alwi began his career as a journalist in 2003. As a journalist must have had many experiences, as well as with a Fessy Alwi, one of his experiences as a journalist is a journalist when he became President of the Presidential Palace and go to South Korea, during the time in South Korea Fessy peliputannya perform all tasks in journalism itself, must bring your own Fessy camera and tripod, and take pictures and send them to Indonesia at about the same time. The task of a journalist is not free from the interview, and also has a lot Fessy interview someone and among a number of interviews he had done, most memorable experience was when interviewed by President SBY at antv special program entitled "Drink Tea Joint President SBY." "In the end I was young, I get the chance to interview the number one in Indonesia," Fessy said, "Meanwhile, one of
unforgettable experience and can learn a lot is when South Korean President to come, "

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