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Inul Daratista is now happy with her baby's presence. Her first child was born on May 19, 2009 and was being funny-funny. With a variety of behaving, child, named Joseph Ivander Damares starts trouble, but admitted Inul really enjoy moments like this.

"Thank God either. More funny-funny, acting like a macem already-macem, could've asked for a walk, ngrepotin deh. But I really enjoyed those times. All I live with a sincere and happy," he said with a happy expression when PSI found in the studio after the show promoter Trans typing, Pengadegan, South Jakarta some time ago.

For the sake of the baby, Inul began to organize his work schedule. He just appeared on stage a maximum of 2 times a week. Moreover he must manage his business, he must be able to devote time to family, business and gig.

"Anyway, I've jadwalin only 2 times a week gig. Because of her I also have committee business-business that I manage myself. Just have to time for children and families," he said.

Inul happiness increases when a child is anticipated during the 13-year call Mamah. Now every time there are people who wake up call Mamah.

"If the morning wake up call must always be someone calling Mamah ... If not you still own first let me get up until noon there is not nothing," he concluded

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