The Uncanny X-Men Comic will End in October

WTF? No Storm? No Emma? What is going on?

Marvel Comics said the Merry Mutants home comic will end in October!

Marvel Comics is putting an end to the flagship title with issue No. 544 in October as the brutal effects of the upcoming "X-Men: Schism" mini-series rends the team apart.
"Well, as anyone who's watched the movies will know, the traditional axis of the X-Men has been the polarity of Magneto and Xavier. Xavier basically believes in peaceful integration. Magneto doesn't," said Kieron Gillen, who has been writing "Uncanny X-Men" since 2010.
"In the last five years or so, the X-Men have been exploring a different angle. A catastrophe reduced the population to a couple of hundred mutants, and no new ones are being born," he said. "This fledgling species was looking at extinction — and the militarized forces of prejudice moved in for the kill."
Cyclops united the remaining Mutants, doing what neither Magneto nor Xavier, aka Professor X, was able to do.
"Everyone has basically gone along with Cyclops, no matter what reservations they had," he added, but now, those reservations are reaching the breaking point, which is the focus of "Schism" and sounding the death knell of the Uncanny X-Men.

Marvel has likened the fracture, and its fallout, as world-changing as its "Civil War," a 2006-2007 crossover that divided Marvel heroes in ways still being felt.

"The X-Men are getting torn apart from within. The events of `Schism' do more damage to the X-Men than any villain has ever done," said Nick Lowe, who has been editing X-Men books for Marvel for six years and "Uncanny X-Men" since 2006.
Great Hera! What is this big thing? And will Storm be alive? She better be or I'm bringing the Phoenix force down upon Marvel.
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