Sesame Street mocks on Bono's Spiderman Musical

Stumbled upon at Sesame Street's Youtube video mocking on Bono's Spiderman musical.

The mockery made by Sesame Street is quite funny but not totally. Anyway, here are some of the the lines from the said video.

"I am Spider-Monster. Watch me fly to the sky!"

"Hey, that's not flying, you just fell on me,"

The mockery is all about the multiple accidents happened with the $70 million worth of production Spiderman's thearitical shows.

"This is only our 17th opening night sir, we've got a few kinks to work out," explains Grover. "I can fix this. Hey Bono, could you give me a boost next time?"

On take two, a giant orange puppet carries Grover out, and tosses him into the audience, much to the puppet's dismay.

"You must be patient, sir. It's Bono's first show ever," says Grover.

Spider-Man on Broadway re-opened Tuesday to mixed reviews by critics. The next season of Sesame Street premieres September 2011.

Watch Sesame Street's Spider-Monster

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