Rundown: LGBT Pre-Conference for Netroots Nation

Yesterday, we gathered in one room to discuss important LGBT issues. As you can see from the clip over a 100 us were ready, willing and able to get down to business.

So I'm going to give y'all a bullet point rundown of the first day events. Mind you this is just a sampling of what went down.
  • In the first hour, we talked about topics and issues we should be discussing. 
  • Queerty's Daniel Villarreal brought up the lack of people of color in the media. Also mentioned that when see Black gays on LOGO they are either on RuPaul Drag Race or on a HIV ad.
  • Transgender issues were brought up a lot, which was a good thing.
  • LGBT Orgs and bloggers have issues around trust and resources.
  • The number of people of color participants increased this year.
  • From the 5 questions (I posted them earlier), we came up with many answers and ideas to solve some of our issues.
  • I met Rod McCullom and Joe Jervis, great guys.
  • We listened to the stories of undocumented LGBT immigrants. It was heartbreaking, but inspiring.
  • Their stories made the DREAM Act very real to me. This must be passed into law.
  • Marriage Equality is not the priority for some in our community.
  • Some states like Tennessee and South Carolina felt that they don't have the support from LGBT orgs or activists to achieve marriage equality.
  • It was stated that no state should feel like a throw away state. Marriage is for all.
  • I reminded the group to bring EVERYBODY to the table when it comes to marriage equality. And don't blame any ethnic group for the failure of a gay marriage vote.
That's it... For now
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