Kate Winslet will Nude For Photographer William-Kate

The movie lovers may have seen Kate Winslet appear 'innocent' in the legendary film TITANIC. But this time a turn photography lovers who can see it in 'costume lahir'nya.

In the photo exhibition that was held Mario Testino, famous photographer who also photographed Prince William and Kate Middleton, also his mother, Princess Diana, she appeared nude. Women who play nicely with Leonardo DiCaprio was also stated that it did not take long to convince him appear naked.

When the show at El Museo del Barrio last week, where she gave an award to the photographer's career, she said, "You know, Mario's greatest strengths without any failure is to make women look beautiful."

"When Mario turned to you and say, 'It's beautiful, but I think it would be better if naked, right?" How can we refuse? "she continued.

This 35-year-old woman also stated that Mario can make any concerns that hit model suddenly disappears. "When you wish you had a skin a smoother, longer legs, and smaller footprints, Mario suddenly came and said to his charisma, 'Do not worry, this would be awesome,'" said Kate.

Mario himself has said that the process of 'persuade' her to pose plain would not be difficult. "I told him, I want you to pose naked for this exhibition. And he says, 'Oh, Ok Mario'. She immediately said yes,"said the photographer.

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