The Different Sides of Me

Have you ever thought about the different parts of yourself? You know the gay side, the masculine side, the weak side and the dark side of you.

I actually sat down and wrote them out, so here they are:
  • My 'Mommy' side - I'm usually the caregiver and the opinionated one of my friends. I give tough love to my pals and keep it real. I can be a bit harsh, but I do it out of love.
  • My 'Whitley' side - I'm a former snob and a child from an upper middle class background; so my taste in clothes, eyeglasses, food and style is a bit bougie. It's not the best thing about me, but it's a part of me.
  • My 'Guy' side - That only comes out in the gym. I kinda giggle at myself when this side comes through. But it fades when I'm on the treadmill, listening to disco.
  • My 'Geeky' side - Well, I think y'all see this side through the blog.
  • My 'Work' side - I can multitask like a mofo. Once I get into making charts, assessment or reports there's no stopping me.
  • My 'Dark' side - When I get angry, it's serious. One example is when I had a hit and run, I tried to hunt down the guys that hit me. I had no idea what I would have done, I just know I wanted revenge. I might need to keep that in check.
  • My, well 'Tremaine' side - This is my sexual side (Tremaine is my middle name). To be honest, this is a side I'm learning to be more comfortable with. My Southern upbringing has kept me from being a whore hound, but 7 years ago I explored my sexual side. Turns out, I'm open to different things but I'm still a prude at heart.
  • My 'Big Mouth' side - I'm an extrovert. I love people and talking, so I can be the party boi.
  • My 'Mule' side - I can be stubborn and set in my ways. I hate to be wrong about anything, but I'm a lot better than I was 10 years ago.
So that's me... How many sides do you have?
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