Ardina Rasti Sexy With Hot Bikini

Ardina Rasti artist had given a sign of love lost her boyfriend, Eza Gionino in the form of a ring given during her birthday. The ring was lost while filming a television movie together, but suddenly things were not in the bag.

"We were filming together. Keep the ring dititipin. Pas seen nobody. I got diomelin Reza. Because Reza beliin first ring for girls. I ngadu, how ya. Instead, I cornered a lot of people. Sad loss of beloved objects he. .. he .., "said Rasti.

"The ring he put it in a bag. Keep dititipin. Keep right up to Jakarta, then shoot again, fitting checked again have guns there. Actually ordinary. It was just a small matter. Okay entar we buy more," said Eza.

Eza was then intended to replace, by buying back the lost ring. But still in the form of a promise, because at this time not the right time for him, but also still have to collect the money.

"For me its not more expensive than its price. Yes I'm still ga nothing. That's just lost the ring. Yesterday I lost my car. So more weight. So guns nothing," said Eza.

They had a relationship about a year. Each comfortable with being together, even several times a television movie starring them together.

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