VIDEO: Sally Kern wants Gays in the Closet and Homosexuality Illegal

This heifer is out of it for real! Miss Sally still runs her filthy, bigoted mouth about us gays. Just recently, this tramp had a lot to say on Alan Coles radio show.

Right Wing Watch has the scoop:
Things did not start off well where, in the first minute, as Kern tried to defend her statement that homosexuality is worse then terrorism on the grounds that more people have died of AIDS than in any terrorist attack on America.

And it only went down hill from there until, around the 11:00 mark, Kern tries to explain how she just wants gays to go back into the closet and to see our nation's laws go back to how they were before the Supreme Court struck down sodomy laws while, at the same time, struggling mightily to come up with a coherent response about why she thinks that gay couples but not straight couples should be arrested for engaging in such behavior:

Sally needs to shut her mouth!
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